Our Journey
and Milestones.

Find out more about our evolution into STARTEAM GLOBAL, and how we became who we are today. From our founding father all the way through to the present day, let us take you on a ride.

Our Journey from JCB to STARTEAM GLOBAL.

Our journey began 1988 in the black forest, when entrepreneur Klaus Jacob founded JCB, settling into the German automotive industry with a mindset based on quality and reliability. After 13 years of JCB, Klaus eventually met Guenther Hoeft, who together founded the company CML in 2001, quickly expanding the business on an international level, by setting up our first Hong Kong office in 2005, a move that allowed us to strengthen the relationship with our suppliers.

Klaus and Daniel Jacob
Daniel and Moritz in 2003
Klaus, Guenther, Daniel and Moritz all together

    Though, this global expansion was not possible without Daniel Jacob and Moritz Hoeft, the sons of Klaus and Guenther, who joined the company in 2003. With their vision for a global set-up, offices in Shenzhen, Paris and Mexico City soon followed. With Daniel’s 2009 move to Hong Kong, a legal separation took place in which Moritz completely took over all CML companies in Europe. Daniel saw an opportunity to further strengthen our supply chain in Asia, this resulted in Daniel setting up an independent fast-growing organization in Hong Kong which has since then been acting as a partner company to the CML Group in Europe. This led to the two partners Daniel and Moritz, who by this point had taken over their fathers’ roles, to develop our European and Asian business simultaneously.

    • 10-year anniversary of CML in 2011

    At this point CML was mainly in the business of PCB trading, but this trend was about to change, with s.m.a.r.t., founded in 2009. Based in Shenzhen we provided our own prototypes under German quality standards thus being able to provide a full range of services to our customers for the first time, something that we worked hard to continue thanks to Daniels vision to turn CML into a global PCB manufacturer.

      This vision became reality in 2018, when the opportunity to take over a factory in Jiangyou, Sichuan presented itself. Today, Jiangyou Starteam, JST, has been fully integrated into our organization and is truly driving our evolution from a solution provider into a manufacturer who aims to exceed all expectations and wishes.

      In 2021, a merger with CIA Group Holdings Ltd allowed an expansion of our PCB business into new geographic areas and into a range of custom made products for  Power, Transmission and other Interconnection solutions, which is a further step to provide all round solution services for our customers.

      In September 2022, the two previously legally separate organizations were merged under the umbrella of STARTEAM Global Holding Ltd. and are under the leadership of Daniel Jacob, who has and will continue to prepare STARTEAM GLOBAL for the demands of the market.


      Today, we employ 1045 experts around our 34 locations in the world, with our aim being to continue the path of sustainable growth by further investing in production facilities, as well logistic, engineering and quality services in every market.

        Find our closest location to you? We can assure you, our PCBs are just around the corner.