Custom Products,
Design & Manufacturing.

We optimize your supply chain and provide excellence in a variety of custom-made products by assisting in the product selection and design optimization to ensure the very best manufacturing solution to meet our customers’ requirements.

Whatever your custom-made product requirement may be, consulting our engineers at the early stage will achieve the best results and solutions we can offer.

Our range of custom products are designed, manufactured and produced to fit the needs of our customer and provide them with a range of strategic, standard and custom-made products. Our expert engineering, manufacturing and quality teams’ control are involved from the design to the mass production of the product in our partner fabrication facilities, as well as providing the necessary after-care support.

Power Solutions

At the heart of every electronic product is its source of power. Our battery solutions range from single cells to larger power packs. We power your products!

  • Alkaline
    Button Cell

      Primary Batteries

      Designed for one time use, not rechargeable.

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      Alkaline: 1.5V, size AA – D, button
      Li-MnO2: 3V, size CR button – cylindrical
      Li-SOCl2: 3.6V, size ER cylindrical
      Handheld devices, Remote controls, Alarm Devices, Telecom, Radio, Toy, Home Automation, Consumer items, Utility Metering, Emergency Transmitters, Power generators, UPS etc.


    • Ni-MH
      Lead Acid

        Secondary Batteries

        Also known as rechargeable battery.

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        Ni-MH: 1.2V, 250-10000mAh, size cylindrical AA-D, prismatic
        Li-Polymer: 3.7V, 20mAh-10000mAh, size customize
        Li-ion: 3.7V, 320-5000mAh, size 10440-26650
        LiFePO4: 3.2V, 400-6500mAh, size 14430-32650
        Lead Acid: 2V/6V/12V, 1.3-250Ah, weight 0.29-69kg
        Portable Consumer products, Cordless Phones, Radio, Personal Care, Lighting, Handheld Tools, Tracking device for automotive, EV, Energy Storage, Emergency Power units, UPS etc.


      Interconnection Solutions

      Every electronic product is interconnected, from PCBs to external facia interfaces and beyond. Our interconnection solutions connect our customers with their consumers.

      • Automotive
        Auto Connector

          Customized Connectors

          Any type of custom-made connector for automotive, or any other application, can be tooled and manufactured.

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          Mechanical & Electrical Design
          Mold R&D
          Mold processing
          Automation equipment development & assembly
          Plastic injection


        • Magnetic Connector


            Versatile and innovative connector technology for power & data connection in decades as well as a viable alternative to wireless charging.
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            Magnetic connection for power supply and data transmission
            Auto positioning & centralization
            Full 360° rotation capability
            No energy or heat loss


          • Coaxial Cable
            Coaxial Cable Range

              Cable Manufacturing

              Cable manufacturing of Coaxial cables, HSD and Ethernet cables for antenna, radio, WLAN, mobile broadcast, automotive electronics, connected car to name a few.

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              Electrical cables consist of inner conductor, dielectric (insulating material), shielding and jacket for transmission.

              Conductor: BC, TC, CS, CA, BA, AA
              Dielectric: PVC, PE, XLPE, PP, PTFE, FEP, Foaming
              Shielding: Metal foil, Insulation foil, Braiding Shield, Textile braiding
              Jacket: PVC, PE, XLPE, PP, PTFE, FEP, TPE, TPU


            • Cable Assemblies
              Custom Cable Assemblies
              Cable for Automotive

                Cable Assembly Service

                We offer a wide range of cable assembly types and solutions, all manufactured to your design specifications.

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                Custom cable assemblies
                From simple point-to-point to complex multi-termination type
                Custom molding
                Standard cable assemblies
                USB, VGA, stereo, LVDS, RF, power cord etc.


              • Membrane Panels
                Membrane Toch Panels
                Silicone Keypads

                  Membrane Switch Facias

                  Design and manufacture human-machine interface devices that are tailored to your needs.

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                  Membrane keypad
                  Membrane pressure sensors
                  Membrane Touch panel


                Transmission Solutions

                In a world of data, signal and audio transmission, our focus is to ensure the best solutions and products, for the evolution of our customer’s mobile devices.

                • Antennas
                  Chip and Patch Antennas
                  All Types of Antennas


                    Devices that transmit and receive RF signals for IOT, fleet management, smart metering, automotive, vending machine, energy amongst other things.

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                    Shark fin antenna
                    Multi-GNSS High Precision Antenna
                    Wireless antenna (2G/3G/4G)
                    GNSS antenna (External/Internal)
                    Wi-Fi Antenna
                    ISM band
                    Combo antenna
                    AM/FM antenna
                    433Mhz/868Mhz/915Mhz/2.4G/4G Fiber Glass Antenna


                  • Inductors
                    All types of Inductors

                      Filter Products

                      Coils, chokes and inductors store energy in a magnetic field and Filter signals i.e., in DC power. In signal transmissions they reduce noise or unwanted frequencies.

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                      Chip inductor
                      Ferrite bead
                      Axial inductor
                      Ferrite coil
                      Common mode choke
                      Toroidal coil inductor
                      Magnetic ring


                    • Audio Product Range

                        Audio Products

                        A range of products for audio system needs, including audio signaling which produce sounds, and translates electrical signal into sound.

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                        Buzzer: Magnetic, Mechanical, Piezo
                        Microphone: Omni-directional, Uni-directional, Noise cancellation, MEMS
                        Speaker: Mylar, Loudspeaker, SMT


                      Strategic Services

                      By coming to us in the design phase, you can minimize your product and logistic costs by evaluating our sourcing potential and partial build capability.

                      • Design and
                        Product Development

                        Design services for custom made products, product solution selection, reliability testing and certifications. Our STARTEAM GLOBAL engineering team can assist in the product development stage from first article tooling and sample verification all the way to final product certification.

                      • Product Manufacturing
                        and Quality Control

                        Production and quality controls are carried out by our competent teams in the manufacturing facilities, ensuring the processes and products are manufactured to the specification and quality requirements, in a cost effective and efficient manner.

                      • Partial Build and
                        Sourcing Solutions

                        With STARTEAM GLOBAL’s involvement in the early stage of a new product design evaluation, potential cost saving advantages can be achieved by utilizing our component sourcing services on any bill of materials. In addition, partial builds and electromechanically partial assembled parts can achieve cost savings in build and logistic costs.

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