Our Talented
and Diverse Team.

Teamwork – one of our corporate values – is what defines us to our core. Colleagues around the world are proud to work at STARTEAM and understand, appreciate, and work with a common purpose to achieve our vision. We simply enjoy collaborating, as we recognise working together builds better relationships, drives better decisions and generates best solutions. At the same time, we understand our skills, experiences and responsibilities to be complementary to succeed in delighting our customers.

Words from our CEO

At STARTEAM GLOBAL we care about reliable connections and we are determined to always exceed our customers’ expectations. Sustainable and advanced solutions for everything that we do are our key elements to safeguard reliability and deliver excellence, especially in today’s ongoing challenging global environment. If you share the same belief, consider STARTEAM GLOBAL for an exciting and challenging career.


Our Major Functions.

In a company with many different specialties, nationalities, ages and cultures, mutual understanding, respect and learning from each other are key to get tasks accomplished. And at STARTEAM GLOBAL there is never an end to learning and evolving! No matter where you are or what you do, each function constantly explores ways of becoming better, yet understanding that we work together and each step needs to smoothly fit into the overall process of delivering excellent products and services.

Work in our factory production line in Asia.
Create the best technical solutions in Engineering.
Hunt for the most competitive price in Business Development.
Provide professional and personalized care to clients in Customer Service.
Ensure reliable and fast deliveries in Logistics.
Consult customers on the best solutions in Sales around the world.
Secure smooth and effective running of all daily operations in a supporting function.

    Meet our Key People.

    Our global leadership is organized within our C-Suite, constituting of a diverse team well-versed in all areas around PCB manufacturing. Key leadership competencies at STARTEAM GLOBAL include giving ownership through coaching, facilitating change and providing an aspirational environment for learning and growth amongst others.

    • DANIEL JACOB Owner & CEO German (located in Hong Kong)
      20+ yrs global leadership in PCB industry
    • GRACE LEE Chief of Staff Hong Kong (located in Hong Kong)
      30+ yrs in multinational companies in HK & China Project Management, Finance, HR
    • MARTIN SCHNEIDER Chief Technology Officer German (located in Germany)
      30+ yrs in PCB manufacturing, Engineering & Quality leadership in multinational companies
    • HB YANG Chief Manufacturing Officer Chinese (located in Sichuan)
      30+ yrs in factory leadership
      PCB production
    • MICHAEL KÖNIG Chief Financial Officer Germany German (located in Germany)
      20+ yrs international Finance & Treasury
      Tax, Hedging, Investment
    • HAUKE OTTEN Chief Operations Officer German (located in Hong Kong)
      25+ yrs in multinational companies in EU, US, Asia, IT/ ERP global & FIN Asia, business process operations
    • UWE SCHNEIDER Automotive Technical Director German (located in Sichuan)
      35+ yrs in factory leadership
      PCB production
    • FRANCO RAFFA Chief Commercial Officer British (located in Hong Kong)
      30+ yrs global leadership in the PCB & Electronics industry 
    • TIMOTHY LAW Chief Supply Chain Officer Hong Kong (located in Hong Kong)
      20+ yrs in Supply Chain management of PCB industry and project management leadership
    • ALICE CHAN Chief People Officer Hong Kong (located in Hong Kong)
      20+ years of experience in Human Resources in multinational companies
    • MAPLE JIN Manufacturing Catalyst Chinese (located in Shenzhen)
      16+ yrs global leadership in PCB industry
    • RICHARD SCHLEIPEN Designated Chief Commercial Officer German (located in Hong Kong)
      12+ yrs in PCB industry Project management, Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, Commercial and Business Development leadership
    • ROBERTO CE’ GM STARTEAM Global Italy Italian (located in Italy)
      34+ years of experience in PCB Quality Assurance, Sourcing and Sales
    • ALAN MILLARD UK Sales Director British (located in England)
      36+ Years in PCB Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing
    • PETER METZGER GM STARTEAM Global Germany German (located in Germany)
      22+ years leadership in Automotive Industry

    Become One of Us.

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