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Experience German engineering meets global manufacturing excellence in our PCB manufacturing facilities in China, Italy, and Thailand.

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At STARTEAM GLOBAL, we make connections that count. Driven by passion, we connect products and people like never before. With experts from around the world, we manufacture quality-assured PCBs, ensuring a top-tier experience for you.

Our primary focus is to produce reliable and high-quality boards via competitive manufacturing processes for your needs. Zero defect is part of our production DNA. We perform regular trainings for all team members based on automotive requirements and concept e.g., IATF16949, VDA 6.3 and IPC-A-600 standard. Regular internal audits are also conducted according to VDA 6.3 standards by certified auditors. All our Automotive PCBs are checked by AVI and certified inspectors.

We offer you SMART, SAFE, SECURE
& SUSTAINABLE Manufacturing.​


    We manufacture and supply a wide variety of PCB technologies that range from Prototypes all the way to Mass Volume requirements, all from one source.

  • SAFE

    We ensure Safety, Quality, and Reliability for all our boards through extensive Product, Recall and Civil Liability insurance to ensure the Safety of your PCBs and in the long run, your finished products.


    Guaranteeing a secure supply chain with our factories all the way through our Joint Venture partners, to deliver the boards you require.


    We are committed to sustainable operations and supply chain integrity, meeting the latest international ESG standards, specifically the European Supply Chain Act.

Available in China, Thailand, and Italy.

Our multiple factory set-up allows us to exceed your technological requirements and transcend today’s complex geopolitical challenges. Following the global China+1 strategy, we diversify your supply chain, adding an extra layer of security to your PCB risk management without compromising on manufacturing quality, process, and sustainability.


    JST Factory (China)

    Discover JST, Sichuan’s only German-lead PCB factory, specialising in highly reliable and effective Printed Circuit Boards since 2018. Learn more about our production team or book a personal VR tour with us now.

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    PST Factory (Thailand)

    Explore PST, Prachinburi’s very own STG factory has been operating since 2023, specialising in 2-to-24-layer PCBs with an automotive mindset. Learn more about our strategy behind PST, our facilities and management team now.

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    FST Factory (Italy)

    Introducing FST — our newest factory launched in 2024, located just 90 km from our Milan Sales Office. Focusing on Prototyping, Sample Production, HMLV, Quick Turn, and Customised Solutions, delve into the capabilities of our innovation hub today.

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