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Market Applications.

Our printed circuit boards can be found in complex printing machines, automation technology, security electronics, and in almost all car brands worldwide. It does not end there though, with our presence being felt in public transport appliances, telecommunications, and the healthcare sector.

PCBs, Developed and Manufactured by

We oversee every aspect of your board’s unique requirements. From research and development, to mass production and to end of life. Our strict auditing system – present at every stage of PCB development – ensures that all our products adhere to the required quality standards. No matter where you are or what challenges you face, we´re able to assemble a seamless PCB solution that is tailor-made to your specific needs.

  • Conventional 1L
    Conventional 2L

      Conventional PCB

      Single and double sided.

    • Multilayer 4L
      Multilayer 6L
      Multilayer 8L
      Multilayer 10L


        4 – 48 layers, higher layer count possible.

      • HDI 16L, 1-14-1
        HDI 12L, 1-10-1


          Up to 4-N-4, anylayer.

        • Thermal Management A1
          Thermal management CM2

            Thermal Management

            Thermal management is crucial, as every PCB has to regulate the generated heat.

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            • Heavy copper IL/ OL up to 455 um
            • Mechanical drilled thermal vias, resin filled and copper capped
            • Laser vias copper filled
            • Copper inlay
            • Pedestal
            • Thermal vias (by conductive paste)
            • Metal substrate PCBs (Aluminium and copper based)
            • Flex on Alu


          • Rigid-flex 6L

              Flex and Rigid-flex

              For complex installation situations, Flex and Rigid-Flex can be the solution you are looking for.

            • Bendable

                Semi-flex, Bendable

                Make a rigid PCB bendable and mount it in a 3-dimmensional shape.

              • HF and Hi Speed

                  HF and Hi Speed

                  We support you with high-frequency and high-speed electronics for the demanding applications in a wide range of industries.

                Our Products Serve a Wide Range of
                Industries and Markets.

                We produce and supply printed circuit boards for all kind of applications and for all markets worldwide except Military. In the automotive sector, we have been very successful for many years and actively drive and support the shift to electromobility. With our knowledge we are able to support the healthcare sector and certified our factory in 2020 with ISO 13485. As we apply our Automotive standards for all our products, customers from the industrial sector, the railway industry and telecommunications enjoy our reliability.

                • Automotive

                  • ECU / CPU
                  • Camera
                  • Body-control
                  • Power Inverter
                  • Charger Applications
                  • BMS
                  • Radar
                  • Lighting (front–back lights)
                • Industry

                  • Sensors
                  • Motion Control
                  • Climate Systems
                  • Actuator Drives
                  • Lighting Systems
                  • Camera Systems
                  • Radar Systems
                  • Power Modules
                • Automation

                  • PLC Controls
                  • Handling Systems
                  • Line Automation
                  • Safety Devices
                  • Motion Controls
                  • Actuator
                  • Drives
                  • Industry PC
                • Telecommunication

                  • House Communication
                  • Router
                  • Switches
                  • Antennas
                  • Amplifier
                  • Media Systems
                  • Touchpads
                  • Control Units
                • White Goods

                  • Dishwasher
                  • Dryer
                  • Cooker
                  • Vacuum Cleaner
                  • Microwave
                  • Heater
                  • Vaporizer
                  • Washing Machine
                • Medical

                  • Power Supplies
                  • Spectrum Analyses
                  • Ultrasonic
                  • Laser Treatment
                  • MRT and CT Scans
                  • Respirators
                  • Infusion Pumps
                  • Diagnostic
                • Railway

                  • Climate Controls
                  • Touch Panels
                  • Light Systems
                  • Radar Systems
                  • Communication Systems
                  • Wireless Transmitting
                  • Power Modules
                  • Inverters
                • Consumer

                  • Smart Home Applications
                  • Chargers
                  • Touch Panels
                  • Remote Controls
                  • Light Controls
                  • Gaming
                  • Router
                  • Switches

                PCB Products and

                With us, you can order PCBs in all shapes, sizes, and technologies. From standard 1 and 2 layers to multilayer, high frequency, metal substrates, flex and rigid-flex, we can find a solution to satisfy your requirements.


                PRODUCT SAFETY

                Safety part (ASIL A, B, C) according to ISO 26262
                ISO 26262 provides a standard for functional safety management for automotive applications, defining standards for overall organizational safety management as well as standards for a safety life cycle for the development and production of individual automotive products.



                What is a clean PCB? How can I assess the cleanliness of a PCB?
                These questions have long been an issue in the manufacture of mechanical parts and must now be addressed by the electronics industry too as components become smaller and component density correspondingly greater. We are capable to deliver the highest requirements for the benefit of a long-lasting product quality.



                • Edge plating
                • Semi-flex (bendable)
                • Depth routing
                • Depth controlled drilling
                • Countersink
                • Back drilling
                • Peelable mask / Kapton
                • Beveling
                • Plug-in contacts

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