Extensive Services.

Exceeding manufacturing is what we do daily, and it is our commitment to providing our customers with a wide range of services, in order to fully support all their PCB requirements. Before production and the moment your products leave the factory, the rest of our global team care about your needs.

STARTEAM GLOBAL is with you all the way and always fully at your service.

From start to finish, at a new product’s conception, we offer PCB design services and assist in the full product development process, ensuring the PCB’s cost efficiency and the product reliability. Throughout the various stages of a products lifetime, we manufacture the prototypes, NPI, Quick Turn, HMLV or Mass Production and End of Life requirements.

  • Prototypes

    We produce and ship out prototypes in Europe, North America, and China, so wherever you are we can help you design and test your prototype in order to achieve a board that suits your needs.

  • Quick turns

    When our customers have the need for a faster production cycle time, we strive to meet all PCB delivery requirements and satisfy such time-sensitive demands.

  • After Market

    Need some more technical information for a delivered lot? Or the order cycle become unstable? The product demands dropped suddenly? We will fully support all your requirements in order to manage a stable product and information flow in your mother language.

  • Product Development and PCB Design Support

    We help you in the design of your board using CAD software, to get you the best performing and most cost-effective board possible.

  • Material Qualification and Validation

    • Dump/Heat Storage
    • Temperature Storage
    • Thermal Shock
  • Product Reliability Evaluation

    • Via Reliability
    • SIR
    • CAF

Trainings and Workshops.

We do not just design and manufacture PCBs, we also take pride in sharing our expertise in PCB design, technologies, and manufacturing, which we believe is relevant to PCB designers and PCB buyers alike. Our knowledge can be of benefit to our customers by participating in a tailor made general or technology specific workshop to meet their industry or technology needs.

  • PCB Manufacturing Process
  • Thermal Management
  • PCB Cost Drivers
  • Technical Cleanliness
  • Flex / Rigid-Flex / Bendable PCB

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