What Makes Us
the Right Supplier.

In a market with thousands of suppliers, it can be overwhelming when you must decide where you are sourcing your PCBs from – continue reading and you will find out why STARTEAM GLOBAL is the right supplier for you!

Our Advantages.

From owning our own factory, our unique logistic solutions, our meticulous engineering support, our prototype, and design services all the way up to our product aftercare and reliability – find what makes us special explained on this page and learn why STARTEAM GLOBAL is the PCB manufacturer you have been looking for.

  • Our Factory

    • Only PCB manufacturer in China with German ownership
    • German quality combined with Chinese efficiency
    • Our IT infrastructure enables efficient communication globally
  • One-stop Solution

    • Your partner throughout the entire product life cycle
    • All PCB technologies available, as well as range of Custom Products
    • Sample shops across several continents
  • Extensive Support

    • Quality requirements on products and documentation closely monitored
    • Customized Logistic Services with warehouses in Europe, Asia, and the United States
    • Global Product Insurance
  • Highly Competitive

    • Integrated in the entire supply chain, we foresee trends and control our costs
    • Cost efficient designs from our expert Engineers for your products
    • Total cost ownership

We’re Different.

We pride ourselves on being different and we showcase it every day. From our values to our unique services and products, we aim to be a difference maker for you and your products.

PCB Manufacturing and Supply Solutions
Besides offering the PCBs that we manufacture; we exceed capabilities through our global network of sample shops and production partners for specialized technologies.
Secure and
All our PCBs are marked with our STARTEAM GLOBAL UL logo and are thus traceable all the way back to the start of production. We provide international product and reliability insurance with legal certainty no matter where you are.
While our roots are in Europe, we are present around the globe – Through our main offices and sales network we ensure local relationships. We provide technical design services, project development, customer service matters and more, face to face in your native language.
Quality Mindset
Our rich experience in the automotive industry means we know what it takes to get it right which is why we assure highest product quality with a Just-In time system, while we have never had a line stop before. This is only possible through the communication and teamwork of our global teams who make sure the requirements are clear for production and on – time deliveries.


    Our global team of engineers provide PCBs design assistance, from schematic drawing to Gerber file creations and even PCB design feasibility studies prior to prototyping. The sustainability of your product is created at this stage.

    From PCB design and prototypes the road eventually leads to volume manufacturing. We utilize a centralized PCB Gerber data management system to ensure traceability and that the newest technical data is always present at all locations.

    With our prototype partners based in Europe, Asia and the Americas, we are available 365 days a year. We serve you with the best technical solution, documentation and materials that will be used for mass production with ease and speed.

    First step successfully done of your project and ready for mass production? We hand over all the details of your project to our factory, where our sample teams will ensure the quality of all NPI and first article PCBs from our mass production partners.

    We pride ourselves on.

    • Our Manufacturing
      Data Control

      • We run internal feasibility checks and create visualization of data prior to our quotation
      • We ensure high data integrity across the board
      • We follow design rule verifications according to international standards
      • We conduct utilization checks and panelization proposals
    • Design for

      • We design our PCBs to be robust and highly efficient
      • We work under a cost-effective engineering mindset
      • A broad spectrum of PCB knowledge and expertise
      • Our experts in PCB manufacture and design are stationed all around the world
    • Advanced

      • We conduct R&D into new and superior PCB technologies
      • Our portfolio ranges from single & double sided, STH, multi layers, highly advanced HDI, bendable, flexi-rigid high-frequency boards
      • Specialist for IMS PCBs for High Power voltage applications

    Our supply chain expertise.

    With our history in trading, we have become experts in navigating and understanding the complex supply chain that we operate in, we can help find the right solution for you.

    • All our office locations are certified according to ISO 9001
    • Our commercial & AVL partners have valid ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 certificates
    • We conduct regular VDA 6.3 process audits with all our partners
    Quality and
    Reliability Support
    • With our IPC-A-600 trainers and specialists, on site engineers, SQM and CQM teams, we provide onsite support for all process and quality matters
    • We assist our customers during their visits / audits of our manufacturing plants
    • Our trained Product Safety Officer (PSB) ensures all requirements of the automotive industry for Product Safety and Liability are met
    Visits & Audits to Our
    Manufacturing Plants
    • Certified IATF 16949 and VDA 6.3 auditors perform Quality System, Process, Product, and Incident audits
    • Organise an online visit, through our virtual line tour and get guided through our factory by our team on the other end of the line
    Improvement Process
    • We use the PDCA methodology to strive for continuous improvements
    • We share challenges and solutions with our suppliers to prevent mistakes from happening again
    • We plan our capacity in advance and use performance-based project contracting

      Our End-to-end Logistics Solutions.

      • Consignment stock (CMI, VMI), Just-in-time, Ship to Line & Kanban
      • Freight cost optimization: our professional and trusted freight forwarders fulfil any of your lead time and destination requirements in the most competitive way
      • Safety stock inventory: STARTEAM GLOBAL has warehouses in Germany, UK and China
      • Delivery via decentralized logistics hubs
      • Two-Supplier-Strategy
      • Customized, value-added services according to your requirements
      • Reliable and flexible delivery services through our comprehensive combination of global freight forwarders and STARTEAM GLOBAL logistics teams in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Italy, Germany, UK and Mexico
      • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status granted in Germany enables simplified customs clearance procedures

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